Thursday, 25 March 2010

Virgin Red Room Ident

So the last task of the term involved making an Ident for Virgins new online music site Red Room. My first idea involved an amp cable coming out of the screen and plugging into the viewer. but the idea lacked structure so i closed the books on that one and came up with the idea of a music gremlin. running havoc on a record player. From that idea I managed to whittle down a 10 second ident idea. which involved a gremil like creature running on a record player whihc plays classical music, then starts to run which causes the music to speed up into more indie music, and since he would be running so fast he would fly off the record, hit a wall and his body would spell out Vrigin Red Room. So I started with an animatic I made in FLash.

This animatic helped me to plan out how long the music would be on for, and when to move the character. From the start I wanted to use stop motion as I have never done it 'properly' before. I bought myself an idustrial amount of plasticine and set off making my character. I started my design based off my concepts.

However, the clay man was too heavy and had to lose the arms, as well as have a skeleton made out of foil. But i was much more pleased with the final result.

So onto the stop motion! With the help of a friend and his fancy red record player, we hit the studio's common room. I first modelled the character walking, which turned out fine, however when trying to make him run, he coulsn't support his own weight and it just looked odd. so i decided to turn the speed up on the walking to making it look like hes running. we tried other shots such as a front angle but it looked odd aswell. I also photoshopped the photos to get rid of the cracks the clay make had developed and shot were my hand is holding the character up. Heres some of the photos from the shoot, as well as and angle version of the character, which we didn't use at it would have been distracting.

So I edited it all together along with the sound and effects. However I could not get it in the proper resolution, but still pleased with the final result, take a look, hope you enjoy it.

Also as a side note the band that did the music was a local band known as InColour

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