Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Years Hangover

...So where were we?

As the hazy, confetti mulled memory of Christmas blissfully morphs into a nothing more than a lazy dream, I come to the sudden realisation that "shit, there is work to be done". And like some geriatric superhero I fall out of bed crippled, dragging myself to my work station all in the name of honour. To my surprise 2011 Jake had actually done a fair bit of work. As my previous blog post shows the organised interior, I forgot to show the exterior, as well as a preview of what the final whole scene will look like, greenhouse attached and all. The only thing left to do really is to unwrap the outside, and clean in up like the interior, although I can guarantee I will either need to add or take away a few things, but it shouldn't been anything major. I've got a few more items that can be added to the scene such as the mask and suitcase. I've also been given the oxygen mask to model, which I'm looking forward to. Here is the interior and exterior, you can see it coming together nicely.