Monday, 19 December 2011

[Insert Some Whitty Xmas Related Title]

So slowly but surely I've been working away on both Shed interior and exterior, before I made any changed I re-sized some objects to fit with the characters size.

I then spent the better side of 4 hours 'cleaning' up the scene, deleting history, renaming poly's, and finally grouping everything into their own folders for easy access for the texture artists, I've also been plodding along with U.V unwrapping and am almost done.

I then wanted to see how the W.I.P exterior would fit with the interior, so I imported in the scene and rendered off this little peach, really shows it coming together.

Also I've been looking into displacements maps as a quicker form of modelling, although my Photoshop skills aren't anyway near as good as the pro's the render turned out quite good, I think if I was to start using displacements maps I would really have to plan out the scene and have an order to follow. The scene is extremely low poly.

I think displacement maps would work really well for fixing like dado rails, plug sockets, locks etc.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Shed Outside

For Kernel a fair few shots take place outside and as I'm modelling the Shed interior I'm also modelling the outside (which makes sense). I've been going off some designs Charlie made. Its been refreshing to get outside the model and start working on different aspects and making sure they all meet up.