Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Middle Part - AE

I need to get a better logo and maybe at some static in each section to emphasize the changing of chanel and maybe exstend the middle part of the 3 films.

Animated Exeter

Late last year our year group was proposed to pitch an idea for a opening titles to the Animated Exeter Festival. I Found out that my idea won and that In charge of making the titles, which is awesome. So i drafted in Tom, Olly and Alan to lend me a hand and now its become a pretty big and enjoyable project. I'll Up load some of the work so far. The basic idea is to use the robot design we were provided and have it emerge from the Exeter cathedrel (which is really well built by Olly) and run towards screen, its chest will fill the screen out and will show some of the films in the festival. I've been overseeing the project so far as well as modelling the computer which will be used, the lamps in the foreground of the cathedrel and the middle part of the opening which involves red line intersecting and showing off the films. Below is the newest and complete animatic to give you a better idea of what were are doing.

Second Term

Its good to be back.
To keep myself busy over the christmas break I started to model a room. I began scouring the net for a photo to copy off, then started modelling day by day. Heres some of the photos from the WIP. I tried a load of materials and textures, experimenting with lighting. I tried to use mia_glass for the windows but it wouldn't allow me to look through the glass properly so i decided to use a blinn and change the IOR and other properties until it looked right.