Thursday, 25 August 2011

Quick Art

Since we're a couple of games into the new football season and inspiration is high, I felt like doing some colourful bits of art.

Richard Swarbrick has made an awesome 2D animation called El Classico and more recently an advert for The Sun featuring Wayne Rooney's (ok) overhead goal. Individual frames of real footage had been coloured in to create this stylistic and simplistic looking animation that just seem to capture the essence of football and passion of the sport, and it did these use few coloures and brash strokes. Every since i was introduced to Richard Swarbrick's work a while back I have always wanted to emulate it, even if its just a few seconds of animation. So I thought I best get practicing, and here are a few quick paintings of Liverpool's Luis Suarez.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Cornish Rain, Summer Work And Nathan Fillion

So as summer rolled around and brought the rainy showers of boredom all over Cornwall, I had to find a way to keep myself entertained. What better way to pass the rainy days then with the shit hot television series Firefly (which had been recommended to me. After 14 episodes of top quality action, acting and story telling, I was eager to watch the next series and find out just what happens to these characters that I spent the better half of a week getting to know. But by the powers that be the show had been cancelled after just one measly series, which I can look back on now and laugh at how I reacted to this news. But at the time I was a deathly silence, the type of silence your parents gave you as a kid when you really fucked up and knew it.

On the back of this news I was eager not to give up on the series that had such great concept ideas, so I started to model my own version of a "Ship" based on the design on a dragonfly (since the ship in the series had been based off a firefly-hence the name)and I also modelled a relatively simple earth:

and off the back off watching JJ Abrams Star Trek, I added a tiny bit of lens flare.

As for the ship design I looked at films like Star Trek and Sunshine (Danny Boyle, 2007), but since these films all had pristene looking ships, I wanted to make mine look more 'homemade', cheap and a bit more brutish. Anywho, the ship is still a work in progress but i'm very happy with how its looking and when its finish I am going to combine it with the earth and have it fly towards the planet, in a sort of opening title sort of way. Here and some photos and a turn around - any feed back, any at all would be schweeeet.