Wednesday, 18 November 2009


As another week rolls around and Christmas gets that 1 week closer we're given our two tasks to complete. the return of the 2D task saw us animate two Cubies 1 big 1 small and make them interact with one another. As for the 3D task, there was the same concept of interaction but this time between Cubie and a little ball.

I started with the 3D task as Maya was still fresh in my head. Having been told that this was the last time we would animate Cubie in 3D, I decided to give him a big send off by doing around 15 seconds of animation, which may seem small but at the time felt borderline epic. Having planned out what was going to happen I started to key frame all the moves, which took most of the time. I animated all of Cubie first then animated the ball second, though problems arose when I had to animate both together. I've gotten into a routine of key framing, checking the graph editor, then rinse and repeat, so I won't bore you by going through each key frame. Overall I was pleased with the result, however I'm not too happy with the twist at the end as I felt it looked odd to have the feet spin as well.

On to the 2D and a little pressed for time I decided on going for something plain and simple. Little Cubie jump, Big Cubie scares him. After Simply drawing out the frames i played back the animation though appearing ok it was too quick meaning that you could not see the anticipation in the jump which makes the animation look a little strange. Not much more I can really say than TiMe MaNiGmEnT

Cubies 3D Adventures

Ok, so this week we only had 1 task to complete. This task was part of our 3D work and had to be completed in Maya using a pre-rigged character as the same design as Cubie. Left to our own devices and imagination we were allowed to do whatever we wanted, within reason. After much thought I decided a burning ring of fire was the best way forward. I started by building the ring itself and added the surface. Having a character already rigged made it much easier to use and create ideal key positions. After mapping out the major key positions, I then checked the graph editor which due to all the dimensions and rotations looked a lot more daunting than before, and with more lines than I care to remember. So after checking that it all ran smoothly I decided to add some minor key positions such as Cubie bending his back when in mid air to help aid realism. After I was happy with the overall main body movements I then went on to edit the secondary animation which was much easier to do. After all the movement was done I added the fire using the fire tool I discovered, then I also added a spotlight to make the animation more dramatic. When happy with the final animation I rendered it out which took around Thirty minutes to do. Here is the final result.