Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Room Fit For A King.

Our latest Maya task was to create a room, fully lit and with 1 main light source IE door, fire, window. I attempted to create a medieval room, with the main light coming from the windows, 3 in total. The light would cascade down onto the table and reflect off glasses. I wanted to create an eerie feel to the room, so I modelled a tipped over chair and spilled wine glass and later added a sword and coins. So to start I created a 3 surfaces, 1 floor and two walls. For the wall with the widows, I had to add vertex's and faces and delete some as well. I the assigned a Blinn and added a stone texture online, I then bump mapped this image to give the wall some texture. after modelling the table and chairs, I went to the glasses, which were revolved CV Curves with a high opacity blinn. The objects didn't have refraction but still gave off shadows representative of the object. After the base of room had been made, I went about adding details such as a candle, picture, sword, coins and some hay. I then went around to make sure all were in the correct scale, textured properly and lit. I had around 15 lights in my scene the candle had around 4 just to light it. finally I organised my objects and deleted their history. Out of all the projects this was the one I want try again, because I enjoyed it and felt I could create some better rooms. This project has also prompted me to collect some of my own texture photos. Since the ones online were either out of resolution or just not right. But I really liked the project and hope to create more rooms. Heres some renders, the first one is of and above view of the room to show off the beams, which gave the room a sense of height. The second screen is my final one and is of the cameras position and the perspective I was lighting from, the rest are progression screen to show of the stages.

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