Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Day At The Vets.

So after reading the flash brief through and choosing around 40 seconds of speech, I noticed that I would only need 2 out of the 5 characters I made, which was dissapointing conisdering I made the mouths for them all. It took me a while to scroll through the sound, and edit the voices in Soundbooth, since some voiced were quieter than others, and also there was alot of filler, and pauses. The main trouble I had with the lip sync was the voices spoke very fast, and also used sounds like "um" and "ah" which ment I had to decide what mouths to use, such as two mouths in succession, or just one open mouth. I made the characters blink and move thier eyes, I would have liked to have animated them more. perhaps but movement in the background, or something that would make the scene more appealing, but overall I really enjoyed using Flash. It was tidious having to go back and forth just dragging mouths over, but its possible to get a clear and crisp animation. So heres the clip.

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