Friday, 19 February 2010

Flash Character Concepts

For our latest flash assignment we needed to make characters that correspond to the sound files we have been given. The students in the sound file that are speaking are called: Caroline Cash (the interviewer), Matthew Carter, Miss Alice Kemp, Helen Flannagen and Kitty Kavarcovic. For each one I made a character that I thought would best suit them. Here's the rough ideas I had:

I also jotted down a scenery idea, which would basically consist of a stool, for the character to sit on, and it would be inside a building of simply design. After listening to my chosen sound file, I started to plot out how certain characters would react to whats happening, for instance, in the sound file a dog starts to bark, which i thought that the character Kitty (the cat) would perk up and act scared. So after drawing out the characters again with a sharpie, I scanned them into photoshop and gave them colour. Here's the final Result.

As you may notice the Flanagen characters has changed from a Squirell to a Chipmunk. The reason for this is because I thought the design was more coherent with the other designs. I also tryied to keep the rabbit and chipmunk mouths as similar as possible so I could reuse them.

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