Saturday, 6 February 2010

2010's First Post

So after shrugging off the festive cold I was back in class, and getting to grips with two new programs. Flash and After Effects. After seeing what can be produced in After Effects I was determined to get my hands on it. And with the added incentive of an assignment entitled "live@five" it all gave me a few of ideas on what to do. So after the first few introductory lessons into the programs I had my first crack at an idea of mine. With help from Luke we set out to recreate the Sky Sports spinning football badges. Many hours and curse words later we manage to create a rough quick time video. If we had more time i would have like to of gotten better resolution pictures. But anyway here's what we came up with:

Along with AE we also used Flash. A program I met briefly awhile back. I was really impress by the crispness of the animation, and the relatively simplicity of it. I did a small ball bounce animation but cant find the video, will upload it later.

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