Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Our group project consisting of me, Rozi and Alice, is a title sequence for a project called formation. Its about flies carrying a killer virus, which wipes out most of the world, apart from a few survivors. We assigned ourselves roles to take in production. since its a fairly small group we share the majority of the roles. For jobs we couldn't decide on we pulled names out of hats. Which landed me the role of producer. From this I started a blog http://flyformation.blogspot.com/ in which everyone in the group can update and check the schedule. Alice cracked on with the fly, making sure it would work (i.e appear to fly). Rozi started on the storyboard. We all tried different styles from cut out to art deco. I made a mood board which tried to capture the essence of the art deco silhouette style we are going after.

We then came together making a rough story board for Rozi to do in neat and make changes if needed.

I started working on silhouettes and how to capture the right style of a person with out going into to much detail. I had the idea of dying the silhouettes black to emphasis death in a euphemistic way.

I also tried a stylized scenery composition but it turned out too child-like. The paper background idea was Alice's, its great to help give it more of a "gritty" real, textured look.

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