Wednesday, 15 February 2012

There's No I In Team

The A-Team, The Power Rangers, Simon and Garfunkel, The X-men.

Some of the greatest 'Teams' in history.

After last week, I truly believe that the Kernel Production Team (K.P.T) would hold their own amongst those fore mentioned names.

A deadline was set.

Friday 0900 Hours. Falmouth.

The Mission: Complete and Render S2_Shot_5_Enters_Shed_DE.350

OK, so enough of the whole mission impossible speech, its late and I don't know enough cliches.

The Shot was fairly straight forward, a short fully animated piece in which Leonard exits the shed. However we set ourselves just 7 days to complete said shot, which still needed a few models, textures, a slightly improved rig, lights and of course, animation.

That week we had everybody working in the studio, and it was great. And a real camaraderie was formed. People took (and wanted) responsibility for what ever assignments they were given. It felt like that momentum we lost of Christmas was back, the ball was rolling, and it can only snow ball into something great.

I wish I had renders for the progress over that week, but to be honest, there wasn't time, the time we had spare we spent brainstorming ways to improve, solutions for problems, and what we would do the next day.

But what I do have is the finished 3 second shot. And if you compare this to my last post, you can see how far we have come.

Mission Accomplished

With momentum in our favour, 2 shots have been targeted for Friday Completion. A few more textures are needed, and those are churning out as you read (assuming your reading this between the hours of 9am-11.59pm Thursday). Here is a render i did of the perspective of one of the shots, this render was initially made for my own purpose to see what else needs to be modelled and also to see how the extra 2 shelves look.

I also textured the Blackboard. Although no great feat, it was the first chance I got to put in a few Easter eggs. They include the Autodesk Maya Logo, mine and Olly's blogs, the chemical properties of coffee and Frischluft logo (the guys who gave us a free copy of their Depth of Field software). The Blackboard itself doesn't actually contain any phallic drawings or anything like that, so don't waste your time looking.

And as a final point, I revisited an old model of mine, one that I made way back at the start of the project. The Suitcase. It was amazing to see it after 3 months, and its a true reminder of how far I personally have come. I've learnt so much off my teachers and peers and still have loads more to learn.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

End of the World!

Well. 2012. This year is all about the Mayan's, no not the culture out to kill John Cusack and his family, but the dedicated 3D animators who strive for 3D project perfection.

I for one welcome the end of the world if it means no longer clicking on this discriminating box

In last few weeks, the term "you can't polish a turd" came to mind.
And if the Mythbusters has told me anything, it's that you can indeed polish a turd, and also frozen chickens can do a hell of a lot of damage.

I don't mean to say that my interior was a piece of crap, just that it was messy, and needed real fine tuning, it needed to be done to a standard, the models were fine (though they needed a few updates) but we needed to reference objects in, to help out the people further down the production line. It involved looking at every individual model made by who-ever and changing it to fit the scene, then save it as a new scene then reference it back in, and it makes it look so much nicer and more complete, and less like a mismatch jigsaw puzzle. Also there is no point rendering what isn't on camera, and this way we can just un-tick it. Here a screenshot that should hopefully make a clearer picture of what I'm jibba-jabbering on about.

Also a few renders to wet thy apatite

These renders below are more recent, as of 10 minutes ago.

The progression between these renders remind me of the Oasis song Little by Little, well just the title really, the lyrics not so much, "Little by little the wheels of your life have slowly fallen off " isn't really what I would what to describe my blog for my work life. Anyway, can you spot the potential problem for Leonard in the last render, a lose screw perhaps?

The blackboard actually blows up....