Monday, 28 November 2011


With Kernel I started working a few weeks before most. I started with modelling a few props and various items of interest. Things like shears, pegs, and the most beautiful scissor mirror, that was wrote out of the script, and will now be back logged :(. Since I've been with the project early on I've seen the story change and improve, but due to these changes I never started work on anything to big, just in case it wasn't needed. With modelling it seems like the more effort i put in the more i learn and get back, i use to model really quite high poly, most of which wasn't even needed, so I've manage to learn how to model 'properly'. Anywhoooo, here is some of the things I modelled, what seems years back:

The mask is quite interesting, its been really nice to work directly with the Director Olly to get it exactly how he wants, but you really do need a designer/artist to nail it first time round, but its all a learning curve. Hes some of the progress of just the mask to give you an idea of development:

The Final Version, I Hope.

Though there is still plenty of props etc to be modelled and unwrapped (I finally got RoadKill to work) I've started working on the shed, which is attached to the greenhouse, a major environment to the story. I've also used my own creativity to help 'fill' out the scene. Its still work in progress, the roof needs to be lowered but here is how the shed looks:

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