Monday, 28 November 2011

Fentil: Another Life

I'll start with Fentil. So for this project I'm modelling the environment which is relatively 'simple' as its made up of maybe 3 or 4 main factors. The action takes place on top of these blueish Tile Tops that are suspended off the ground by a lattice, these tile tops are in fact a sort of plant/tree and are meant to be the size of a half a house. The fit together like bubbles, here is how they look from a bird eye view:

The tile tops sits on top of a shrub land that is close to what you get in outback Australia but with alien plants and shrubs. In the background there is a mountain range that will be a matte painting. Given the size and proportion of the project we started looking at ways to 'cheat'. So for starters the tile tops are really low poly and will rely on good texture for a photorealistic look, the lattice's that are close to the camera will be high poly but for the ones out of focus or too far back will, most likely, be an alpha plain wrapped around a cylinder with just a lattice texture showing. Here was a very basic scene set up for a lightening test, you can see which lattices are high and low poly (ignore the stuff on top):

Since this will really rely on how good the textures are I thought I should at least give it a look. I'm not the best with Photoshop so some of the maps I used are really amateurish. So here is the latest work I've been doing, these Tile Tops have a dispalcement map, bump map and a specular map. I'm actually really pleased with the way they have turned out and where fairly quick on rendering, enjoy:

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