Saturday, 21 April 2012

Easter Schmeaster!

I think my last blog post came long before the Easter break, so I guess it's only fair to fill you in on what was an eventful month. Coming to the realisation that we don't have long left to finish our film, and that we have a monster mammoth task ahead of us to produce anything close to a finished film, we came to the conclusion (with a little push from our producer) to scrap Easter break all together. So as all other university course leapt out class and frolicked in the sun, a small group of animators huddled in the corner of studio as close to windows as possible (just to make the insanely hot studio bearable) to finish what we had started.

My role as a 3D environment and prop modeller was complete, which meant I was up for grabs. I threw myself at animation, something I had not done since last year. Familiarising myself with the sickening site of the graph editor and IK/FK. I started with a close up of Leonard, making the decision of hold his breath and brave the toxic air. My second shot was of Leonard taking a deep breath in the Air Lock. And I am currently completing a 3 shot block which includes Leonard stumbling, fainting and hitting the group, which are nearing completion. Towards the end of the Easter break I was lucky enough to see see my animated shots, along with my environments, rendered and composited. Without sounding big headed, they look great, better than I thought they would, and that's all down to the little individual elements put in there from each member of the team.

These two images are taken from the Edit in Progress.

It's really seeing moments like these that make the staying in and hard work worth it and help to push on and finish the film.

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