Monday, 29 November 2010

11 Second Club Finished

Finally I've finished my animation for the 11 second competition. I've added a camera cut to add a bit more 'zazz' to the animation, plus it a low down camera shot so the character is looking down on the audience's point of view. I would like to of have the characters interacting with each other a bit more physically but i've followed my video reference which only had me acting both parts, but hey ho there is always next months.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Finished Experimental

My Complete Experimental Project

Experimental Cut out Birds

For my experimental project i wanted to involve some stop motion. I had the idea of adding brids to the project after seeing it used effectivaly in other videos similar to my idea. Also the birds suited the music since its very natural.

I started by drawing the stages of brid flight

I then retraced the brids onto textured red card that matched the red ink I used. I then had them exploding out of the red ink towards the end of the video.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Experimental - So Close

This is the pretty much the complete video for my experimental, however i want to add some stop motion birds flying (silhouettes) out of the red smoke, like i saw in my research videos. So expect the final version up to be in the next couple of days. Peace out.

Friday, 19 November 2010

11 Second- It's Getting there,

Rendered out both characters and fitted it all together to get an idea of what the final product will look for. It still needs to be tweeked and ironed out, but i'm just happy i have the bulk of it done.

Life Drawing - A Weekly Update.

My weekly work of life drawing.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

First Test render, i couldn't tell from just play blasts so i rendered out my work. I notice the shoulders shoot up too quick as well as other things.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Experimental Test 2 - Wait until 0:10 on the Video

This is my last test before i start the real deal, that hoping if it all goes to plan. I've made a video of some of the ink droplets reacting to the music, it is not following any design. But the main reason of the video was to see how it would work. Due to the camera quality the film looks grainy, i will hire a better camera to film the final version. I also will try and do some stop motion with the footage and have it in the back ground after i change the footage opacity.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

This Sheet be Dope Yall

11 Second Club Dope Sheet


Some people helped to point out these videos for me, though they are both CGI I like the composition and colour of them both. The With Rain video has a really cool introduction with the single line coming across the screen, i would like to try and implement this into my work since my chosen sound has a heavy bass line i feel a single line moving to the sound is the best way to represent the sound.

With Rain from takcom™ on Vimeo.

LAB : Flying Particules from David Picarda on Vimeo.

This here is a test i did using the burst mode on my camera. it didn't work out as well as i hoped.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

11 Seconds So Far

So I've started working on my scenery and a screen cap to see what the animation will look like. I've modeled the background (which i want to add a blur too) and created my Wilson. Then I have added the two characters to the main scene, so this is the look i hope to achieve.

11 Second Club Animatic and Ref

I've done an animatic of key poses for the 11 second competition. I haven't included any facial expressions and annotations because they should all HOPEFULLY be apparent after I act it out. The basic plot of the short is that character 2 has eaten the last remaining food on the island. At the end character 1 says "you stole it, he stole it" at that point i want him to look at the screen, which then cuts to volley ball resembling that of Wilson from castaway, which has been the perspective of the audience, plus it emphasises the fact that there going crazy. So here is the rough animatic:

Here is my refference video, I'm going to animate from this angle then reposition the camera to make it more realistic, however i dont want the characters to be facing away from screen too often.

Life Drawing

Some more life drawing.