Thursday, 11 November 2010

11 Second Club Animatic and Ref

I've done an animatic of key poses for the 11 second competition. I haven't included any facial expressions and annotations because they should all HOPEFULLY be apparent after I act it out. The basic plot of the short is that character 2 has eaten the last remaining food on the island. At the end character 1 says "you stole it, he stole it" at that point i want him to look at the screen, which then cuts to volley ball resembling that of Wilson from castaway, which has been the perspective of the audience, plus it emphasises the fact that there going crazy. So here is the rough animatic:

Here is my refference video, I'm going to animate from this angle then reposition the camera to make it more realistic, however i dont want the characters to be facing away from screen too often.

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