Thursday, 7 October 2010

Second Year.

So its the start of a completely new year at University. We've been told about some really interesting and exciting projects that we will have to complete. From experimental projects to being drafted by third years. For the experimental project i'd like to try a techinque that i say in an animation by BLU called MUTO

One idea was to use charcole and draw shadows behind people, then have those shadows dance to the music that we will be set. However these are all just starting ideas at the moment. There were animation from the years above that involved paper cut outs that are layered. I'll try and find a video of where they got there idea from.

As a small side project i want to combine line drawing with stop motion, by drawing paper aeroplane the n have it fly towards the "screen" and then stop motion the paper into forming a paper plane. Its kinda hard to explain, and also if possible i would like perhaps have a green paper plane so that i could use after effects and motion onto the plane its self, ie words or video footage.

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