Saturday, 9 October 2010

Diamond Ring

Over the summer I wanted to produce a realistic animation, or as close to as possible. So I started looking into photos of products in magazines, and decided to model a diamond. Since I couldn't find any models of a diamond online I had to make my own following a pattern I found online. The major problem with the diamond was getting the right material. After scouring forums I was told the best thing to try would be a Phong materials and set the IOR to 2.417 which is of a diamond, then to play with the properties. After a play about I had a material that was sufficient of a diamond, but on its own was kinda dull. So I started to model rings to go with the rings, they started simple and got more complex as time went on. I started with these two rings.

I used mia_materials presets of chrome and copper.

I used bounce cards to reflect in the chrome, however i was reading the blogs of Zap.
and he used a HDR environment to achieve a much more fufilling reflection. Below is he ring spinning, more for personal use to know how the bounce cards look it the reflections.

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  1. ah, you found grand master zap! awesomeness. very useful for all things mental ray.