Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Captains Log 1748:
No sign of attainable, permanent job.


A gritty and dirty environment was what I was hoping to achieve to help compliment to final black and white image. It's a fairly low poly room, I knew I was going to Photoshop the image after, so no point over doing it.  Here is the raw render out of Maya.

Nothing special about the render, except the floor, 2 bump maps - double the fun.
I read something by a 3d artist that mentioned the use of the Dodge and Burn tool in PS and how as a 3d artist it can save you a load of time in creating a mood for an image. I also wanted to improve my composting of real people into 3D images, so this was great practice. Anywho, a few hours later and a few cheesy effects later you get this image. Cheers for looking.

Total Time: 8 Hours (inc. Render)