Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Post Preduction

For our post production assignment I'm working with Grethe and Miguel, we came up with the idea of having a 3D Henry hoover come around the back of a laptop and snort up coke off the desk. Controversial, yes. We thought it would be best to not go any further and have him hit the Hetty hoover. We started by filming the desk with the P2 cameras and used crushed mentos for the coke, Miguel was to act as our druggy. So after the filming I started to model the Henry hoover whilst Grethe was to rig the hoover 'snout'. Modelling didn't take long, it was a basic poly shape with blinn and mia materials assigned to it. When the Hoover was complete I started to animate the hoover. I had trouble trying to line up the 3D camera to the real one, until I used an image plane of the shot and fixed it to the camera which made it 100 times easier. since we shot on a wierd angle I had to have Henry 'float' down so it looked right when we would layer over the top of the footage. I animated Henry going on and off screen so that we could break the shot down into four parts, which would save on render time.

Miguel told me he wanted to do some animating on henry as well so I gave him the middle part of the 'story' to animate. Since it was just a static shot we didn't need to worry about tracking a shot, though looking around at other people's work, i definatly would like to try tracking 3d objects in the real world, because it looks awesome. I had some issues with rendering passes from maya for instance the shadows. But I was told to assign a "use background" material to the plane and then to use render passes. I used a Diffuse to Shadows and a Raw Shadows pass for the opening, and if i have time i want to use a Depth pass.

So on to composite. I wanted to edit out the bit of paper on the left hand side of the footage, just because we could, but we realised it would be more trouble than its worth so we opted out of it. Composite was pretty straight forward, it made a lot of sense in the long run to render out seperatly because it so much easier to change one little detail than the whole thing. In order to animate the coke, we cut around the coke of a single Tiff and put it onto the clean plate, then animated a mask around it closing on itself. Anywho the final version should be up soon.