Friday, 18 February 2011

Animated Exeter Titles

So after a hectic January we finally finished the Animated Exeter Titles. After many Final versions and some long nights, it was ready to be shown at the festival. Its been great to look back to the beginning of the project and see how far we have come. We had such a great team that were more than capable of making the idea that I had and transform it into something greater than I expected. As well as being an enjoyable project its also been an educational one, such as never trust displacement grass and also Open EXR files are more trouble than they are worth. I wanted to emulate the style and feel that Dexter's Laboratory had. It just seemed to fit the target audience and the pre-designed characters we were using (Cat and Robot)so well. At first I was worried that having a 2D cat in the 3D world would seem a little too fake and might not look quite right, but after seeing what a great job Tom did on animating the cat, I knew it would look great. Needless to say the Cathedral looked great, with sole credit going to Olly who really took the idea and ran with it. I knew he was working hard on something but nothing prepared me for the 'beast' that was the 3D cathedral. I just hope having a giant Robot coming out of it doesn't count as blasphemy.

As a side not I will never name a file "Final" ever again as it seems to curse you.

The Titles got some good feedback off my peers which was really appreciated, and was also recommended to be entered into Annecy Animation Festival by Susannah Shaw, which was a completely unexspected and awesome. Any-whoooo here it is: