Thursday, 14 April 2011

MudBox Sculpting

Just before the start of Easter I started to look at using Mudbox and after watching a couple of really useful autodesk tutorials I found on youtube I felt a little adventurous and decided to sculpt Superman based on the new actor Henry Cavill. I started with the basic body sculpt mudbox has to offer I cracked on sculpting the body and head shape. There was plenty of stock photos of the actor to sculpt from, but only a few side on photos, but I was sort of sculpting from my impersonation of what he looks like, almost like a caricature. I found out a little later that your meant to sculpt important parts separately, ie Cape, Hair etc. To make the cape I just used the grab tool and pulled parts of his back away. I've constantly been going back and forth making changes to the sculpt, but have got to a stage of being quite happy with the results.

Just some minor details like creases and leather look boots.

I did try to use the colour tools in Mudbox. But this model has no proper textures.

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