Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Square One

This is my first blog ever so you'll have to excuse my amateurish writing style, lack of colourful background and front.

So after the ironic week known as freshers i've started my 3 year course in Digital Animation, and to my delight it's awesome. After a week of introductions to the university and all it has to offer, i got my first assignment. I was to animate a circle into any shape i desired within 12 frames. With basic knowledge of how 2D animation works, a new blue pencil and my very own peg bar, I sunk my teeth into it, and by the very next day I had my 12 frames drawn into the shape of a mouth. The enjoyable but time consuming task gave a very rustic looking animation which I was very pleased with. My first animation of many I hope.
The next day Ii attended my first "art" lesson, in which I saw a presentation on how artists can achieve movement in pictures and sketches. Some only taking minutes to draw. After seperating into groups we were given our task. We we're to draw classmates or other people doing activities by sketching their postures in our books. These will then be used to reference at a later date to help caputure a true resembalence when animating.

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